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Tranquil Thoughts and a Clear Mind?

Today, on a three-day weekend I desperately need for my own mental recharging, I realize I have spent much of my time off working. Working on plans and lessons for my classroom. Working on assignments due for my Specialist degree program. Working on chores around the house. Working. […]

How Does This Happen to Cats?

We’ll probably never know how MickJagger sustained such a horrendous injury. I have theories; we all have ideas. But here’s the story, as best as I know it. One quick note: I have chosen not to include photos of her actual injury; those pictures are too sad to […]

I Won a Selfie Contest

A day in the life… My company held a SELFIE CONTEST, giving away tickets to an upcoming trade show and gift cards to a wonderful coffee shop!  I love coffee!  So I made a cute t-shirt and went to my nearest listing to take a photo! Long story […]

Sunday Funday…

Today wasn’t very much unlike any other Sunday in recent memory.  Aside from the “school’s out” traveling we’ve done, most Sundays are spent finishing up to-do items from that ever-growing list, preparing new to-do items for the upcoming week, and enjoying time with the ol’ family.  After completing […]