Tranquil Thoughts and a Clear Mind?

Tranquility Quote I Love

Today, on a three-day weekend I desperately need for my own mental recharging, I realize I have spent much of my time off working. Working on plans and lessons for my classroom. Working on assignments due for my Specialist degree program. Working on chores around the house. Working.

This afternoon I have a Power Yoga class on my agenda. This will be one hour I can focus on my own agenda: finding peace and balance within so I can continue to focus on the big goals I have set for myself.

I can’t help wonder how everyone manages. How do you keep your proverbial plates spinning? How do you make time for your family while upholding heavy work requirements? I know I am not the only one struggling to keep it all going.

The word I choose to focus on today is TRANQUILITY. Looking for inner calm when I feel most unsettled and out of control. Focusing on that little voice that is telling me I have not yet done enough today. Quieting my demons, if even for a minute (or a 60-minute Yoga class). Tranquility of thought and action is my goal at this moment. How do you find that sweet spot for yourself?

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