New Discoveries Series: Love Six Flags Like a Local!

We’ve all been to this wonderfully exciting place! If you haven’t, I’d love to meet you!  😉  But have you enjoyed the park for more than just a day’s adventure?  Let me teach you how to do just that and why you want to, whether you know it or not!

When I was a teenager in north Alabama, a few of us had season passes to Six Flags over Georgia.  We needed more than one trip a year to enjoy all those thrill rides!  But, now, after years of life and experience, I live in Atlanta…and only a couple miles from the park.  I know, it’s a dream come true for thrill seekers everywhere!  That being said, I’m sure you can guess the first thing I bought when the weather started warming up: SEASON PASSES!  Yes I know I’m not a teenager anymore, but come on; even grannies like to have fun!

Now I know what you’re thinking.  Why would I need more than a visit or two?  The rides don’t change throughout the year.  The food is the same.  The shows are performed throughout the season.  The characters look the same every time you see them.  But, you know what?  The experience is always different!  And there are quite a few perks to being a season pass holder!

  • First of all, I’ll be home with a very active six-year-old all summer.  When we’re bored, we can get in the car and head to the park!  Early in the day? Sure!  Late in the evening after the crowds die down?  Of course!  Both days on the weekend?  WHY WOULDN’T WE??  You see we have access to the park at all operating hours, all season long, at our convenience.  So it doesn’t really matter how long the lines are because we can come again tomorrow…and the next day…and the next!
  • Free/reduced passes for all our peeps!  We can bring a friend free (per pass) on certain days!  And even more often we can bring a friend for $14.99 or $19.99; that’s a great deal for our friends who don’t want to pay full price (because they’re too chicken to ride Goliath)!  Who doesn’t love to torture friends with scary rides?  This is a great perk for me!  Torturing friends is one of my favorite pastimes.
  • Do you remember those coupon books?  Well Six Flags loads all those savings right on your season pass now.  Nothing is easier than flashing my pass for a half-priced corn dog!
  • Discounts on The Flash pass!  It’s not awesome enough that Six Flags offers a flash pass, allowing you to cut your wait time for your next near-heart attack, but they offer discounts on them for season pass holders!  GET OUT OF MY WAY; I’M NEXT!!!  …and they have a special entrance that makes you feel like you’re walking the red carpet while the minions wait in line.  Who doesn’t love that on a hot Georgia day?
  • Hurricane Harbor!  Need I say more?  You get preferential access to the water park inside the park!
  • New Ride Previews!!!  Season pass holders got to ride the new Joker ride before it opened to the public.  JEALOUS YET??
  • I get access to other Six Flags parks around the country!  We love to travel, and having this flexibility will help me eliminate all those horrid places that don’t have a park nearby!
  • Access to special events throughout the season.  I love knowing I get to go when the general public is not allowed…it makes me feel like a princess!  And after I’ve been taking care of kids, dogs, cats, and everything else in the world it seems, that’s a nice feeling.  It’s the little things, isn’t it?
  • Bugs Bunny World!  Even though my little thrill-seeker loves the coasters, she also loves to hang out here on all the rides made for kids.  It reminds her she’s a big girl now (sort of).  She loves that she can ride without me, and she always makes new friends as she comforts the other children who are scared.
  • C O A S T E R S!!!  Now I’ll tell you right now, I can’t stand free falls!  I won’t ride anything that just hangs me around or simply takes me up to the clouds and drops me.  NOPE, not for me!  But I love roller coasters!  So knowing we have a HYPERCOASTER right here in MY TOWN is what keeps me coming back!  I also love the nostalgia of the wooden coasters.  To me, that’s what makes my trip fun.  I love watching the people in line and feeling their excitement (and sometimes pure terror) as we board.  I love the speed and the thought of maybe, just maybe, this might be the car that jumps the tracks.  We all think it, don’t we?!  There’s nothing better to me than the thrill of the coaster!  And I never tire of them.

So Six Flags is not just for tourists!  It’s a great way to spend time with your family, whether they are visiting Atlanta or already live here.  Take a friend.  Take your kid’s friend.  Watch a live show.  Eat a burrito.  Sit in the shade and watch the people pass.  Pack a picnic for a mid-day break in your car.  Get wet!  Ride your favorite coaster more than once.  Right now, Batman is still backwards; you have to try that!  Basically, enjoy the adventurous offerings of a park that takes pride in its community.  Six Flags opens for special events and keeps its park clean!  The employees are EXPECTED to provide great guest service, and I’m happy to report that’s been my experience every time I’ve been.  Being a season pass holder has already paid off for me, and I’m not done yet!

What have I missed?  What do you love about this American institution?

Now if they would only start serving beer again…
(Maybe even just for season pass holders!)

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