New Discoveries Series: FOOD Atlanta!!!!!

Who doesn’t love to eat?! I live and breathe by thinking about my next meal, and Atlanta is a great place for me to be since there are AMAZING restaurants everywhere you look. I love the “farm to table” concept here.  I love knowing much of my food was just picked this morning.  And the variety!!!!  I’m sure this is what HEAVEN is like!

I’m no food critic by any means, but I do have lots of friends who live out of town.  When you guys come visit, I’m likely to take you to one of my favorite restaurants, not the chain you’re so accustomed to visiting on your weekly date nights.  If you’re an Atlantan, you can most certainly improve upon my ideas, I know…and I’d appreciate some new ideas, so add away!

However, I’m going to compile a simple list of my 10 favorite eateries and will add to it as I discover new ones. They are in no particular order, just listed as I remember the happiness!  And many of them are on my beloved Upper West Side, because I believe in making your part of town stronger by spending your money there!  And we do!

  1. Six Feet Under WestSide  I’m not a big salad lover, but I do appreciate a great one when I find it…here they make the most delicious bacon and spinach salad that I literally lick the bowl when it’s gone!  They are known for their seafood!  Go try it!  As a former BeachGirl and seafood connoisseur, I can attest to how wonderful it is!  I always get the Fried Shrimp Po-Boy.  THOSE CHIPS ARE FANTASTIC!!!  They have some pretty delicious burgers too, if you’re into that sort of thing, which I am!  Refreshing beer can be sipped here on the top deck which offers one of my favorite views of the city.  This is my six-year-old’s favorite place to recommend when we start talking about dinner.  I’ve been told the original location in Grant Park is better, but who knows…and who cares!  It’s perfect here!
  2. 5 Seasons Brewing (West Side)  Here I was introduced to Avocado Mashed Potatoes!!  Tapas Tuesdays are always exciting as you get a small beer pairing, and we’re not talking about PBR, folks!  Here is another one of my favorite patio decks…and beer!
  3. Swapna This is a restaurant we don’t visit often, but we love it every time we do.  The child is not a big fan of Indian Cuisine, so we try not to torture her with it too often.  However, when we go, we cannot stop eating!  I get Ginger Chicken and Garlic Naan; when we leave I’m so stuffed I’m miserable.  …and my mouth is on fire from the spice.  There’s nothing better!
  4. Wrecking Bar Brewpub  They make their own beer!  Need I say more?!  Okay, the food is awesome too!  I’ve gotten steak and been happy.  I’ve gotten chicken pot pie and been happy.  I’ve gotten seafood and been happy.  Did I mention they have fantastic beer?!  They made one this fall called “Bad Hair Day;” we went at least once a week in my honor since every day is a bad hair day around here!
  5. One-Eared Stag I’m a sucker for good fried chicken, and every Monday is Fried Chicken Night!  This is the BEST fried chicken you will eat in your entire life!  It’s better than Grandma’s so don’t start challenging me on that claim!  😉  You have a choice as to how much chicken you order: half a chicken; a whole chicken; or two chickens.  The side items are fresh, unique, and proportionate to your chicken order.  Shout out to our favorite server, Joy, who always makes our visit warm and fun; Savannah seeks her out as soon as we open the door.
  6. Radial Cafe  One of our favorite farm to table restaurants serves half-priced wine on Thursdays.  Jack always chooses something light and delicious like lightly-blackened GA Trout or a Crop Plate when we’re here, but I can’t break away from the Beef Brisket served with Dr. Pepper Sauce!  I love that they pride themselves on their small carbon footprint.
  7. Westside Pizza  (West Side) I could live on pizza alone!  Pizza for breakfast; pizza for snack; cold pizza; hot pizza; pizza, pizza, pizza!!!  I love this place for its relaxed atmosphere.  This is a great family joint.  They even contribute to the local school by hosting school family nights!  Every Wednesday is Kids’ Night, so free food is also a big draw!  🙂  Also, the pizza is a little tiny bit yummy!!  (and by that I mean I scarf it down shamelessly!)
  8. Nuevo Laredo Cantina (West Side) Mexican, anyone?  The. BEST. Guacamole. EVER!
  9. Silver Skillet Everyone needs to have a favorite greasy spoon on the list, and this is mine!  It’s an Atlanta landmark.  We stop by for breakfast often.  We love sitting at the counter so we can watch all the “magic” happen.
  10. West Egg West Eggs claims to be the Best Breakfast in Atlanta; I can’t and won’t argue!  I love their Westside Pile Up, which is basically a trash plate.  The Roasted Garlic Grits are a southern girl’s dream come true!  Go there early, but it’s worth the wait if you can’t wake up soon enough.  …and they make fresh pastries!  It’s everything!

This list certainly does not completely represent the places I’ve tried and loved here, but these are the ones we most regularly visit as a family.  When we have “date night” there are many others we enjoy (perhaps my next blog post?).  So if you’re planning a visit to Atlanta, read over the list and pick one or two!  You won’t catch us at our local Ruby Tuesday; you’re in for a real treat!

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