New Discoveries Series: StudioPlex, Old Fourth Ward

Chairs outside a residence

Chairs outside a residence

One of my favorite things about living in Atlanta is seeing how much the community in large respects and revitalizes the city’s history.  I absolutely adore driving through the historic neighborhoods and seeing how beautifully maintained they are, getting a sense of community and a feel for the “soul” of the area.  Discovering new spots is top on my to-do list around here, and thankfully I don’t think I’ll ever get to the end of that list!

Recently I “discovered” (with the help of a friend of course) a gorgeous conversion space in Old Fourth Ward.  Have you been to StudioPlex?  If not, go now!  If you appreciate old buildings as much as I do, you’ll be in love at first sight!  I was invited over by a friend I met recently at a group meeting; she has a studio there…and also used to live in the space.  She was kind enough to ask me to stop by after hearing how much I love historic places.  From the moment I pulled into the parking lot I knew I was someplace special.

As the story was told to me, the space once housed the old Southeast Cotton Warehouse.  The structure was converted to a mixed-use facility in 1999.  Today it houses an eclectic blend of businesses, residential, and commercial dwellings, while maintaining much of its old charm.  Read some of its history here.

I can imagine being very inspired while working in such a versatile spot, as I’m sure many of the artists and makers are.  As I walked the complex, I saw on the outside of the red brick buildings the remaining markings from where the old train awning was once attached.  The train would pull in to load and unload cotton that had been stored in the warehouse.  StudioPlex is still very industrial; many of the old fireproofing doors from its warehouse days are still proudly hanging, which caught my eye immediately!  And I love the exposed brick walls!

StudioPlex plays host to great events such as weekly Art Walks; it serves its community well!  I look forward to a long history of MYSELF at this wonderful place!

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